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The brochure menus are what we generally offer but if you would like something special or just different from our suggested menus we are happy to discuss your requirements with you and will do our best to satisfy you.

We are conscious of the need for quality ingredients in order to produce a happy dining experience so we are very proud of our food philosophy which you will find in full in the brochure.

We source all our meats and vegetables locally whenever possible and only buy the best cuts of meat and the finest vegetables and fruit, organically produced if possible.

Our bread rolls are produced locally by an Artisan baker, a man who is dedicated to his trade, who will bake to our requirements and uses organic flour and traditional methods.

Our desserts, if we don't make them ourselves, are also locally produced by an Artisan dessert and cake company who are rising stars in the dessert business. We have used them from their early beginnings until now and they will produce whatever we ask them to.

The food was amazing, far better than any meals we've paid for in top restaurants! Paul really did surpass himself, which is no mean feat when you're catering for so many guests.

Sara and Simon
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